07 August 2012

Raven's Healthy kitty checkup

RavenAbout a week ago I went to the vet for my annual check-up.  I'm a very good patient and the only time I squirm is when the vet takes my temperature. The vet looked at my eyes, ears, teeth and felt all around my tummy. He also listened to my heart and lungs. He asked about the foods I eat and how my litter habits are. Everything checked out a-okay, but I do have a few minor things we need to stay on top of.  First on the list was my annual rabies vaccine. The vet is very good at giving shots, and I barely felt it.

We also talked about how often I get hairballs. If you remember, April 27 was Hairball Awareness Day, and mom prepared by brushing me a lot. I've had only three hairballs since then, but that's still too much. It's not good for my tummy to always be full of wads of fur and hairballs can cause serious medical problems. The vet combed me a little bit and said I have very healthy skin and a shiny coat. Then he suggested mom try some hairball prevention & treatment goo to help any hair I ingest slide through my system. She got Tomyln Laxatone Natural flavor, and to her surprise, I like the taste of it! I'm a very picky eater and I don't eat any treats so mom thought she'd have to smush it in my mouth. But I licked it off her finger.  She gives it to me 3 times a week and she's happy I enjoy eating it like a treat.

Next we talked about my broken tooth. I had a broken canine tooth when mom & dad adopted me and the vet said it's still ok. Eventually it will start to die and may get infected and then it will have to be pulled. But it's not giving me any problems so we'll just keep watching it for now. We joked a bit about getting a root canal. They do that for animals just like for humans. The vet said it's expensive and we could do it "if we had more money than sense".  We've had this vet for a long time, so he knows Mom would break out the credit card for whatever was in my best interest, but I don't think I need cosmetic dentistry. I think my broken tooth gives me extra character, and a little street cred (if I were ever allowed outside). That being said, if the vet said it was too risky to pull my tooth (broken bone or rupture into my nasal/sinus cavity), we would consider a root canal. Maybe I could get a gold cap to complement my gold eyes.

I'm a very lucky kitty to be healthy and I don't have to go to the vet for another year.

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  1. You guys keep falling off my blog list :(

    I'm glad to hear you're so healthy! Oooo a gold cap would be COOL!