19 August 2012

Raven and the Hamsters

I set up the hamster play area, but Raven thought it would be better if she occupied the fort while the Snowy and Tux stayed out in their balls.
Raven and Snowy
Raven and Tux
When it was the hamsters' turn to use their playland, she took a little too much interest in Tux. No hamsters and no cats were harmed in the making of this video...but the video ends abruptly because Raven was about to pounce on Tux and I had to grab her. She ignores the hamsters in their cages and avoids them when they're in their balls, but it's just too tempting to try to catch one when they're loose in their playland!

Raven was annoyed that she had to stay in "kitty prison" behind a closed door on the other side of the house for about 30 minutes while Tux and Snowy each spent time in their playland.

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