18 August 2012

Hairballs again! Trying Feline Greenies Smartbites Hairball Control treats

Despite being brushed daily, Raven has been getting too many hairballs again. I got some Tomyln Laxatone Natural, which is a plant oil and fish oil based gel that helps ingested hair pass through the digestive system. I like the natural ingredients and Raven likes the taste. Unfortunately, she doesn't "love" it and sometimes she doesn't want to eat it. I don't want it to be an unpleasant experience where I have to squish it in her mouth, so I thought I'd try something else. Raven eating GreeniesSmartbite hairball treats
I got some Feline Greenies Smartbites  hairball control treats. The first three ingredients are chicken meal, brewers rice, and wheat. I feed a higher protein, grain-free diet and I don't consider the Greenies ingredients to be the healthiest for a cat. These aren't something I'd want to give every day, but if they help prevent Raven from getting hairballs, I'm willing to give them once or twice a week during July & August when she tends to have the most problems with hairballs. The active ingredient is petrolatum, which helps hair pass through the digestive system. They also contain some fibers that are supposed to help keep the digestive system moving.

Raven is not a treat eater, so there's always a good chance she will sniff them and walk away. To my surprise, Raven really likes these treats.  I put them in a bowl next to her food and let her discover them for herself. When I checked her bowl later, they were gone!

The instructions say to feed 12 treats all at once. The treats are small and there are enough pieces for 14 servings.  Since I'm also using the Laxatone Natural the package will last at least a month. Here are two photos of the treats. They're a little smaller than a dime, with a crunchy green outer later and a yellowish inner layer. The photos aren't very good, but you get the idea.
Greenies Smartbites hairball control treats Greenies Smartbites hairball control treats
Hopefully the brushing, Laxatone Natural, and Greenies treats will help control Raven's hairballs. If nothing else, she'll enjoy getting a little treat every week!

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