02 August 2012

A new hamster joined our family

Snowy HamsterA while ago I shared how Mom almost adopted a rabbit for our home. She bought all the supplies in preparation for getting the rabbit, then realized it wouldn't be healthy for Dad to have hay in the house. He is very allergic to grasses and the hay dust would make him sick.

So, everything had to be returned to the pet supply store. While making a return, they saw some really cute hamsters. Knowing Dad can live with hamsters, they thought that might be a better addition to our family.  They went back the next day at lunch to look at the hamsters again, but all the hammies were sleeping.  So, they went back after dinner hoping the hammies would be awake and they could find out if any of them were as friendly as they were cute.

Mom & Dad talked to an employee at the store and said they were looking for a friendly hamster. Our hamster Tux is nice and likes being petted, but he doesn't like being held. The employee said the big, cute hamsters are all very friendly, but if we want a friendly hamster, the best one they have is a female they have in back. She was brought in after having a litter of hamsters and the owner didn't want her anymore. Mom asked to see that hamster.

The hamster is white with red eyes. She's very friendly and enjoyed crawling around in mom's hands and arms. Mom & Dad decided to adopt her and bring her into the Indulged Furries family.

They got her a big cage, a ball, and some hide-out places. We already have food and treats for Tux.

Snowy's cageThis is Snowy's cage. It has 6 levels and lots of place to explore. Snowy doesn't think it's big enough and she has to come out every night to explore the house in her ball.

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