16 June 2012

No rabbit for our family.

RabbitIt's been crazy around our house. Mom's been wanting another animal, and decided to get a rabbit. A couple weeks ago she went to a rabbit rescue group's adoption event and saw a very nice bunny who needed a new home. She talked to the foster mom about me and said she wasn't sure how I would react to a rabbit. I was "very interested" in the chinchilla they brought home a few years ago. I was so interested that the chinchilla had to be returned. I was very friendly with my kitty-sister Sammi, but I act afraid of all other cats, so a cat is not an option. Mom and Dad have been talking about getting another Golden Retriever because we all loved Bentley. But raising a puppy is A Lot of work! So, Mom thought a rabbit might be a good match for our family.

The rabbit foster lady agreed to bring the rabbit to our house for a test introduction. They set up a big pen and put the rabbit in it, then let me come in the room. I was apprehensive of it at first. I figured out it wasn't a cat, but since I had never seen such a critter before, I couldn't figure out if it was going to attack me, or if I was supposed to attack it. Within a couple minutes I realized we could be nice to each other. We sniffed noses through the pen and then I walked away.

Mom thought this was a great reaction and agreed to adopt the rabbit. They would wait one week to get the rabbit so they'd have time to get supplies. But after more reading about how much time and care rabbits need to be happy, and after bringing hay into the house, they realized a rabbit would not be a good match for our family. Dad is extremely allergic to grasses (and cats) and he has to get allergy shots. Rabbits need hay available all day, every day, and having dry, dusty hay in the house wasn't an option for dad.

Mom spoke with the rabbit's foster mom and explained our situation. The lady was very understanding and glad that we were honest with her and explained why we couldn't adopt the rabbit after all. We all agreed that a rabbit would not be a good match for our family.