15 May 2012

Raven finally gets to go in the backyard

Raven in the yardFinally, I got to go outside! The last time mom tried taking me outside, the neighbor cat Foxy jumped over the fence and mom had to rush me inside. Foxy played with my dad and stole all my outside time.

But this time it was a quiet, sunny day and Foxy was nowhere to be seen. I got to walk around my yard, sniff everything, and enjoy some sunshine. Mom took a little video of me. The background noise is our neighbor's pool equipment. It's just on the other side of the fence from my log. I think my log should be moved to a quieter location!  It was fun to get outside, but after about 10 minutes I wanted to go back inside. Maybe next time I'll stay out a little longer.


  1. You have a nicely varied and interesting territory, Raven. I don't think I had ever seen your tail in all its glory before, it's beautiful!

  2. What an excellent adventure for you!!

  3. FaRADaY: Mowzers, you get to go outside!! That's sooo pawesome!
    Maxwell: you would too, if you would agree to wear a harness, dude.
    FaRADaY: Details, details...

  4. Pawsome! Izn't owtside teh best? I wuz skarded on mai leash wenever I did hear a noize though, so you iz vurry brave too! I hop you gets lots moar fun times owtside.