01 May 2012

Bella a three-legged llama gets a prosthetic leg

Bella, a llama, was recently fitted with a prosthetic leg. She broke her hind leg stepping in a gopher hole, and after two years of trying to get it to heal, she reinjured it. Her owner and vet decided to ampute the leg and get Bella a prosthesis.

It took three tries to make a leg that worked for Bella. She wears her leg for 6-8 hours each day and is doing very will with it.

It always amazes me how well animals adapt to a "disability". Our cat Sammi thrived after her front leg was amputated. I've seen dogs, a cow, and now a llama with a prosthetic leg. I think it's fantastic that owers are dedicated to the health and welfare of their pets (or farm animals) and we are able to adapt technology designed for humans to our animal companions.

Here's a short video of Bella with her new leg.

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  1. How did we forget Sammi was a tripod kitteh?? It's so true that animals - especially cats, we think, but we may be a teensy bit prejudiced! - are so adaptable. If only people wouldn't pass them by when adopting!