07 April 2012

My New Fence Gives Me Privacy

A few months ago my fence blew down in a winter storm. It was nice to have a bigger view of the side yard, but I didn't like that the neighborhood cats could visit the space between my and the neighbor's house. Neighborhood catThis guy came by frequently. He and some of his friends learned they could get into the crawl space under the neighbor's house. That must have been a lot of fun for them because every morning someone would come out from under that house. The cats would walk by the crawl space and meow for each other. This guy would sit by the crawl space and stare into my window, which I thought was very rude. There was another black cat who would sit in the side yard sunning herself.

This was my view while the fence was broken.

Looking to the left:

looking left from my window 

Looking straight ahead....where the cats went under the neighbor's house or sat on our pile of fence boards sunning themselves! looking straight from my window

And looking to the right:

 Looking to the right

It was really noisy as the workmen put the fence up. The noise made me nervous and made my head rattle. Dad was home to comfort me, but I was glad when it was done.

Workman making lots of noise putting up fence

The noise made my head rattle

Now I have a beautiful fence. I'm sure the neighbor cats will be walking along the fence soon. But at least I don't have to watch them sunning themselves in my side yard and playing under the neighbor's house. Oh, mom closed the screen into the neighbor's crawl space so the cats wouldn't go under their house anymore.

Here's my view now.

Looking to the left:

A pretty fence

Looking straight ahead:

Pretty fence

Looking to the right:pretty fence

Isn't that better? I think it is. My view is a little smaller but the area won't be so enticing to all the neighborhood cats. And, sniff, sniff, it smells like a redwood forest.

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  1. So glad you've got your fence back. How rude is was for those neighbour cats to come into YOUR yard and behave like that. Some cats have no respect for the privacy of others, I guess.