20 April 2012

Murder Past Due & Classified as Murder - Book Reviews

Classified As Murder bookI'm catching up on my reviews from books I read this winter. I enjoy reading fun mysteries with cats in them, and found two books by Miranda James that I really enjoyed. First is Murder Past Due. The second book in the series is Classified as Murder.  Usually these types of books involve women and their cats, but the main character in this series is Charlie Harris, a college librarian in Athena, Mississippi. He and his cat Diesel are a wonderful pair. One way or another, they find themselves in the midst of a murder mystery that needs solving. Charlie is a likable man and his young, affectionate, and very large Maine Coon Diesel is a cat every cat lover would want to have.

Murder Past Due bookThe books are entertaining and easy to read. I like a book with a good story, smooth writing style, and no words I have to look up in the dictionary! Four paws up for these books because it was a nice change of pace to have a man and his cat as the main characters. I've ordered the next book, File M for Murder and I hope it will be as entertaining as the first two.

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  1. I'VE READ THOSE! Okay, I didn't read them... peep #1 did. In fact, she read them both while selling tickets on that Easter Dinner Basket and knitted cat to raise money for our favourite animal shelter. She said they were both GREAT. Really, REALLY great! Must reads!!!