20 April 2012

Is a dog sibling in my future?

Last weekend, Mom & Dad went to a dog show. Bentley has been gone for almost three years and they've been thinking of getting another dog. I liked Bentley, so they think I would be happy to have a doggy sibling. I've made it very clear that I do not want a cat sibling. Sammi was my special friend and I liked her, but I don't like other cats.Raven and Bentley

Here are some of the dogs they saw at the show. Bentley was such an amazing dog that they are most likely to get another Golden Retriever. Mom & Dad like that they are gentle, smart, and easily trainable. Golden Retrievers

Then they saw some Siberian Huskies. Mom's family had Huskies when she was young, so she likes them. But we live in a very hot climate and that wouldn't be enjoyable for a cold-loving Husky.Siberian Huskies

Then she was the Big Doggies! These Saint Bernards were so big they couldn't fit in the picture. Mom likes big doggies, but these are too big and drooly for our home. Saint BernardsUnfortunately, Mom & Dad were very disappointed with the dog show. There were no breed clubs or information booths, and the people were busy showing their dogs and didn't want to be bothered by the public. We're not 100% ready to get a dog yet, but I suspect there might be one in my future.

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  1. Ooo!! How exciting!!! You should check out some of the doggie bloggies to see if there's a breed you like!