25 April 2012

Hairball Awareness Day - April 27

RavenApril 27th is Hairball Awareness Day.  We've been preparing for this day for several weeks, because I can produce some mighty hairballs. Last August I was hacking up so many big hairballs that mom started keeping track on a calendar. At the worst point, I had 5 big hairballs in 3 weeks. One was scary because after I regurgitated the hairball I rolled onto my side then hunched down on the floor for about 15 minutes breathing very quickly and shallowly! Mom was worried because she's never seen a kitty react to a hairball like that. Mom decided she had to get serious about brushing me to try to prevent hairballs.

Beginning in March, Mom started brushing me more often. She knew I'd start shedding more with the warm weather and she didn't want a repeat of last year's hairball nightmare. Every few days mom grooms me and gets out a small clump of fur. That means the fur isn't going into my tummy to create a hairball. It's April 25th and I haven't had a hairball yet.

Hairballs are more than just annoying, they're unhealthy. Here's an informative article by a vet describing how hairballs form and how a cat with hairballs might seem sick, and how to treat and prevent hairballs.

I have lots of grooming tools that help me keep my fur shiny, tangle-free, and prevent hairballs. Mom is really good at brushing me gently so I enjoy my grooming time.

  1. Good quality slicker brushes that have gentle wire bristles.

  2. The Zoom Groom rubber grooming brush

  3. A wide-toothed comb where the tines rotate in the holder.

  4. A flea comb

  5. A natural boar-bristle finishing brush

grooming toolsThe purple thing is a Zoom Groom. It works by gently grasping the loose fur and by static attraction between the rubber and fur. At first I didn't like it, but now I enjoy being ZoomGroomed - gently! Mom uses that first, then the wide-toothed comb and slicker brush to get the loosened fur off. The flea comb gets the last strands of fur. The natural boar bristle brush is for my head, cheeks and chin. One of the best things about boar bristle is that it doesn't create static. What girl wants static in their fur?!


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  2. We three all agree - hairballs are icky! Mommy looks interested in that Groom Zoom, she may hafta go find herself one to use on the three of us....

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