16 April 2012

Foxy Intruder Plays in My Yard

After a long, cold, and rainy winter, it was a beautiful weekend and mom put on my harness so she could take me outside. Since I'm not allowed out on my own, it takes me a few minute to get comfortable outside. I walked around for a few minutes and was just starting to enjoy the sunny outdoors when I was scooped up by mom and taken inside.

What? This isn't right!  But then I saw what was going on. Mom heard Foxy meowing on the other side of the fence and she knew Foxy would be over the fence in no time. Sure enough, the little intruder came into my yard.
Mom took photos of the invasion. Foxy didn't just come into my yard, she played in it. She walked all around, sniffed the plants, got into the side yard - where My dad had to pick her up and take her away from all the yard equipment. She watched My mom & dad plant strawberries, layed in the sunny dirt, and even played with my dad.

Foxy the neighbor's cat Dad carying Foxy
Foxy by the strawberries Foxy in the dirt

Foxy playing with Dad

Mom thinks Foxy is cute, and even though she doesn't want to encourage Foxy to come over, she plays with her because Foxy comes over when her family is away and she's lonely. Foxy is only about 1 year old and my mom is a softy when it comes to making sure cats are happy. But this was just wrong! Foxy got to do all the things I should have been enjoying. She even had the audacity to come right up to my screen door! That's when I screamed at her in my loudest meowl and let her know I don't like her. Mom put Foxy up on the fence so she would go back home, but it wasn't until they were ready to come back in the house. Because of Foxy, I didn't get to have any time outside in my own yard.

Now I'm wondering when I'll get to enjoy my backyard. If Foxy hears us outside she'll come over and it wouldn't be safe for me to be out on my harness.

This is a frustrating dilema! What am I going to do? Spring is here and I want to enjoy my backyard.


  1. The nerve of that Foxy!!! She tried to steal your mom and dad and your yard! Don't worry Raven, your parents love you best! *head butt*

  2. What a dilemma. You should always come first. Your humans should shoo foxy back home when she comes in the yard, not encourage her. That's so unfair that foxy got your yard time.

  3. Oooo she is very cute!!!

    How come your blog isn't showing up in my reader any more?? I thought you'd stopped blogging till I specifically looked for you via google and checked your blog!