04 March 2012

Tweets of the Week

Coming from a family with engineers, this is funny.

@MoggyAndMe  YouTube video An engineer's guide to cats

 In case you didn’t know

@stitchkingdom retweeted by @pinkbunnyr Semi-aquatic, poisonous and illegal to own. It is illegal to export the platypus from Australia #PlatypusDay


@TheCatExpert Video: Kittens in Space, by Jonathan "Song A Day" Mann - thanks Boing Boing

I’m not sure why kitties would take a banana into space. Maybe that’s a reference to chimps in space?

Eye-catching Avitar

@kissanelamaa Viiru's picure is beautiful. The blue background makes him stand out and his golden-brown eyes are gorgeous.Viiru's twitter avitar

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