14 February 2012

Valentines Day is for love.

Felix and Smokey huggingFelix and Smokey were my first cats. Felix (on the left) was 3 months older than Smokey and he watched over his "little" sister, even as she grew almost double his size.  They were very strongly bonded and spent every day of their lives together playing, snuggling, grooming, and loving each other. I honestly cannot recall a time when they were annoyed with each other. This is one of my favorite photos of them and I thought it was a perfect photo to share on Valentine's day. Just before taking this photo, Smokey had her head down and was snoozing under the protective paw of her big brother Felix. The photo reminds me of love they had for each other and the love they brought to our lives. Felix and Smokey were the founding members of the Indulged Furry Family. Although they are no longer living, the family they started 18 years ago has continued with other animals. Their love showed us that our family was incomplete without the love of furry family members.


  1. What a really sweet post about your departed cats. they looked wonderful and very sweet.

  2. That iz a purrfikt pic, so sweet! I duz sumtimes snuggle wiv mai brofurs but they haz to watch owt fur theyselvs acuz I sayz wats wat arownd mai howse an I haz teh paws to enforss it!

  3. Candy & EK are like that - always snuggling together. I prefer to snuggle Mom.