26 February 2012

Tweets of the Week

Most literary
Gandalf @Twaddlecat
I am feeling all poetical all of a sudden, meow! mirror mirror on the wall, I can't see nothing, I am not that tall. #felinepoetry #wlf

Most intriguing
Maverick @MavTheTiger
O M C! We not kno what hot air purry thing do but mom keep PULLING it's tail out in front of us! OMC! *sitting on tail & hiding* #wlf

   Do you know what that's about? Here's a hint:
we run away when she yank it's tail or she point hot air at us!

Most life altering
Sebastian @SeabassCat
Fire update: building is completely destroyed but we're all safe. Will stay in a hotel tonight, have to start from scratch tomorrow.

Sebastian, his guinnea pig sisfur @DottieGP and their mom lost everything when their apartment building burned down. Luckily, they got out safely. They are temporarily staying with Faraday, Maxwell and Allie, who are posting updates about the situation on their blog. Their neighbors were not so fortunate, with one of their close friends losing a cat and having another seriously burned. There are chip-ins on their blog if you are interesting in contributing.

Most eye-catching avitar
I'm not sure why Rumblepurr @Rumblepurr has a chunk of cheese on his head but he looks handsome as ever.
Rumblepur twitter avi


  1. oh FANKS you for sharing about @SeabassCat & @DottieGP! They gotted a new apartment & slept in it for the first time last night. We amazed & impressed the apartment manager acted so quickly on their behalf.

  2. Rumbles said it's to attract ladycats. I guess it works because I nibbled on that cheese.

    I'm so sad for Amy & Kathi and all the kitties. I'm also so proud of the anipal community for coming together to help them all. Anipals rule!

  3. Gandalf's poetry is as good as my brother Seville's. Yeah for Gandalf!

  4. OMC!!! It's MEEEEEE!!! *Rumbleblush*

    Thank you my friend, I am very honored.

    And ladies LOVE the cheese hat!! tee hee!