19 February 2012

Tweets of the week

I got this idea from the Faraday, Maxwell and Allie, who recap their five favorite tweets. I thought I'd tweak that idea a little and share a few the tweets that grabbed my attention.

koko the turtle @kokotheturtle
is it a friendly snake?i afraid of snakes. when i wz an egg snake ate my brother&2 sisters

most educational
koko the turtle @kokotheturtle
we r meat eaters ( my turtle dr told mom what to feed me) my mom fixed me good foods then i hunted 4bugs to

... and a second tweet from koko ...
liked chicken sometimes catfish r shrimp w/ turtle pellets and a calcium then i eats bugs n grass. mom wud cook my chicken

Boris Kitty @BorisKitty   
Best Bunny Michael Jackson video out der! Watch dem bunny hips moove n groove!

Most eye-catching avitar
Nutmeg's Valentine's avitar @Nutmeg Torbi
@NutmegTorbi twitter avi


  1. Thoze iz good tweets an Iz missed seeing Nutmeg's avi but thanks you fur sharing cuz it iz bewtyfuls.

  2. Thank you very much! *preens*

    Mom drew my Valentine Dream. Cheshie, my brofur, has more of Mom's drawings in his store on Artfire. He lets me help there sometimes!