03 February 2012

Saturday PhotoHunt - "Flat"

To fully appreciate the photo for this week's theme of "flat", I introduce my cat Ed, also knows as Eddie Bear. Ed was not a dainty kitty. He was 14 pounds of lovable, huggable, furry cat.

Ed the cat sitting
And now for the theme of "flat" we have Ed doing what we affectionately called "The Ed". We also described him as looking like a Bear-skin rug. For a 14-pound boy, he could get himself amazingly flat! All his bulk seemed to flatten out to the sides and his body wasn't much thicker than his head.

Doing "The Ed"
Ed would flatten himself anywhere he found comfortable, but his favorite spot was over the arm of a couch. Ed and his relaxed position inspired a poem:

The Lament of Ed the Cat
by Gerry W.

Oh, I have laid my furry hide
On many couches, oh so wide.
Flattened my ribs, stretched my chin,
For this rat race, I say, I win.

But yes, there is a special place
I wish to lay my hairy waist.
Out in the yard, under my sun,
I yearn for a log to rest my buns.

The sunny balm, the cooling breeze,
The woody bark between my knees.
The flying meals, the rustling reeds,
A fallen log is what I need.

If my human only knew
There's only one thing left to do:
Chop that tree, I need a new bed,
Yes, I am the Master of Doing the Ed.

The poem was written by a friend who also provided Ed with several large logs to do "The Ed" on.

The Ed on a log

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  1. An interesting and entertaining take on the theme.

  2. He looks like an ace cat! I love big cats. We have one in our road and he's very friendly - he likes to visit whenever he gets the chance to slip in the doorway!

  3. That is the puurrfect photo!
    See you next weekend at The Saturday PhotoHunt... show your ♥!

  4. Didn't laugh out loud but definitely did smile upon my setting my eyes on your blog entry. :)

  5. What a fun post of photographs of Ed who can get very flat when he tries to.

  6. Oh I love it! A flat monorail cat! Love his lament too!

  7. Maxwell: *studies Ed's moves* he was pawesome! I gotta go try that.....!

  8. Ed is the KING of flat!

  9. Nice of you to take him in. We have four cats in our house, two are ours and two are my brorhets, and on Sunday we brought home a rescue Basset Hound to foster. Four days later I believe we will be adopting her.