12 February 2012

Raven's senstivie nose & taste buds

Raven eatingRaven is very particular about her food. She eats one flavor of dry food and a few flavors of a particular brand of canned food. She won't eat other brands or flavors, she won't eat cat treats (I'm actually ok with that) and she won't eat human food like canned tuna or freshly cooked fish, chicken, or turkey.

What I recently learned is that she is very sensitive to where her food comes from. I've always purchased cat food locally because it's very expensive to ship. But when I saw a deal online for a reasonable price with free shipping for a first-time customer, I thought I'd give it a try. I ordered two cases of canned food; one case each of the two flavors she always eats.

When I served the food to her, she sniffed it and walked away. Over the course of two weeks we tried 5 different cans and she wouldn't eat any of them. I contacted the company who makes the food to ask if they have multiple manufacturing facilities, and they said yes, they do, and the food coming from the online retailer could be coming from a different location than what I purchase locally.

I know that when I travel I can taste differences in some beverages that are made regionally. It's usually because they're using a different water source and I can taste it. Raven must be very sensitive to whatever is different in the food becuase she can smell it and refuses to eat it.

So, my online cat food purchasing experiment didn't go as planned. But it wasn't a complete waste because I donated all the remaining food to a lady who does cat rescue and adoptions at one of local pet supply stores. Hopefully those kitties aren't as finicky as Raven and they'll get to enjoy a canned food treat that they normally wouldn't have.

P.S. An update from dad. He said Raven doesn't eat "foreign" food, only food from California. This food was shipped from Nevada, so it's "foreign".


  1. Wow! Raven, you sure are one sensitive kitty. Maybe you should be named Princess like in the Princess and the Pea. You're the most refined kitty I know!

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  3. Are the caennd cat coupons good for the Wellness pouches as well? Retailers in my area will not accept them except for the caennd, and my cat only likes the pouches (of course!). It would be great to have coupons for pouches, or show/name them on the caennd coupons.