08 February 2012

My new hamster brother

Tux the Hamster I'd like to introduce my new hamster brother. He's mostly black like me, but he has little white markings kind-of like he's wearing a tuxedo. We might name him Tux, but it's not officially his name yet. Sometimes we try out a few names before settling on our official name. When he first got here I thougth he smelled strange, but I've gotten used to that. The first couple days I stayed right next to his cage to keep my eye on his beady little eyes. But I've decided he'll be a good brother so now I sit on my perch across the room and keep half an eye on him while I snooze. Mom was determined to have another furry in the house and since I don't like cats, she decided a hamster was the best choice. If I can't be the only furry in the house, I guess having a hamster brother is an acceptable compromise.

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