27 February 2012

Intruder #3

Intruder black kittyThis is one of the many kitties who comes through my yard every day. This kitty looks similar to me with black fur and yellow eyes, but it has short hair and a thick tail. Mom is pretty sure it lives two houses up on the corner of our street and is the sibling of Intruder #1. It likes our front yard because it can curl up near one of the bushes and still have a view of anyone who might be approaching. It used to run away as soon as it saw mom or dad, but it's gotten more comfortable and today it decided to stay put while mom took photos.

26 February 2012

Tweets of the Week

Most literary
Gandalf @Twaddlecat
I am feeling all poetical all of a sudden, meow! mirror mirror on the wall, I can't see nothing, I am not that tall. #felinepoetry #wlf

Most intriguing
Maverick @MavTheTiger
O M C! We not kno what hot air purry thing do but mom keep PULLING it's tail out in front of us! OMC! *sitting on tail & hiding* #wlf

   Do you know what that's about? Here's a hint:
we run away when she yank it's tail or she point hot air at us!

Most life altering
Sebastian @SeabassCat
Fire update: building is completely destroyed but we're all safe. Will stay in a hotel tonight, have to start from scratch tomorrow.

Sebastian, his guinnea pig sisfur @DottieGP and their mom lost everything when their apartment building burned down. Luckily, they got out safely. They are temporarily staying with Faraday, Maxwell and Allie, who are posting updates about the situation on their blog. Their neighbors were not so fortunate, with one of their close friends losing a cat and having another seriously burned. There are chip-ins on their blog if you are interesting in contributing.

Most eye-catching avitar
I'm not sure why Rumblepurr @Rumblepurr has a chunk of cheese on his head but he looks handsome as ever.
Rumblepur twitter avi

25 February 2012

Saturday PhotoHunt - Loud

Tux hamster spinning wheel
Loud is relative. In our house it's Tux the hamster running on his wheel. He's a large hamster and even though the wheel itself is very smooth-spinning, he pounds on it so hard we can hear him on the other side of the house. We've nick-named him "Thunderpaws".

Sorry the photo is so dark. I dialed down the flash and angled the speedlight to the ceiling so I didn't hurt his eyes. I set my Canon G11 for apeture priority to capture the motion. If anyone has suggestions on how to take better pictures with low light (with a modest camera & flash) I'd appreciate comments.

Today's Saturday PhotoHunt begins here.

19 February 2012

Tweets of the week

I got this idea from the Faraday, Maxwell and Allie, who recap their five favorite tweets. I thought I'd tweak that idea a little and share a few the tweets that grabbed my attention.

koko the turtle @kokotheturtle
is it a friendly snake?i afraid of snakes. when i wz an egg snake ate my brother&2 sisters

most educational
koko the turtle @kokotheturtle
we r meat eaters ( my turtle dr told mom what to feed me) my mom fixed me good foods then i hunted 4bugs to

... and a second tweet from koko ...
liked chicken sometimes catfish r shrimp w/ turtle pellets and a calcium then i eats bugs n grass. mom wud cook my chicken

Boris Kitty @BorisKitty   
Best Bunny Michael Jackson video out der! Watch dem bunny hips moove n groove!

Most eye-catching avitar
Nutmeg's Valentine's avitar @Nutmeg Torbi
@NutmegTorbi twitter avi

17 February 2012

Saturday PhotoHunt - Point

Bentley sniffing the airBentley's nose pointed the way to something that smelled interesting.

Smokey sniffing the air

Smokey also pointed her nose to an interesting aroma.

This weeks PhotoHunt starts here

16 February 2012

Tux learning to use his ball

Mom is proud of little Tux for learning to use his ball so quickly. He's used his ball only three times and he's learned how to get around corners. I'm still offended that the little nibblet is allowed access to my house.  I was enjoying having the entire house to myself, then they bring this little rodent home. I had to get used to the way it smells, all the noise it makes at night while it's running on its wheel, and now I have to let it roll around on my floor! I am not amused by this. Truth be told, the little critter in his protective ball freaks me out. I run away and climb up one of my perches to get away from the strangeness of it all.

It will be our little secret, but Rumblepurr gave me a great idea for calling him nibblet instead of Tux. Mom thinks it's a cute nickname, but nibblet is cat code for a tasty morsel. Don't get me wrong, I don't wish the little critter any harm. But you can't blame me for allowing my natural hunting instincts to take over and dreaming about him becomming a little nibblet.

14 February 2012

Valentines Day is for love.

Felix and Smokey huggingFelix and Smokey were my first cats. Felix (on the left) was 3 months older than Smokey and he watched over his "little" sister, even as she grew almost double his size.  They were very strongly bonded and spent every day of their lives together playing, snuggling, grooming, and loving each other. I honestly cannot recall a time when they were annoyed with each other. This is one of my favorite photos of them and I thought it was a perfect photo to share on Valentine's day. Just before taking this photo, Smokey had her head down and was snoozing under the protective paw of her big brother Felix. The photo reminds me of love they had for each other and the love they brought to our lives. Felix and Smokey were the founding members of the Indulged Furry Family. Although they are no longer living, the family they started 18 years ago has continued with other animals. Their love showed us that our family was incomplete without the love of furry family members.

13 February 2012

Tux's first outing in his ball

Tux in his ballTonight was Tux's first outing in his hamster ball. We think it was the first time he's ever seen a ball and he was very apprehensive of it. But with a little coaxing and a sunflower seed treat, he got in.  He sat eating his treat for a few minutes, then sat some more, unsure of the contraption he found himself in. I rolled his ball very gently and slowly so he could learn how to move it.  After a few minutes he was rolling around the house with a just bit of help steering.  He's a fast learner and I don't think it will take him long to master the ball.

Althouth this was an accomplishment for Tux, Raven was offended by the entire spectacle. A rodent was wandering around her house, protected by a plastic ball, being encouraged and helped by mom. She even had to get out of his way when Tux bumped into her. The look of confusion and disdain on her face says it all. Maybe as Tux learns to master his ball, Raven will learn to be entertained by the little guy scurrying around the house.

12 February 2012

Raven's senstivie nose & taste buds

Raven eatingRaven is very particular about her food. She eats one flavor of dry food and a few flavors of a particular brand of canned food. She won't eat other brands or flavors, she won't eat cat treats (I'm actually ok with that) and she won't eat human food like canned tuna or freshly cooked fish, chicken, or turkey.

What I recently learned is that she is very sensitive to where her food comes from. I've always purchased cat food locally because it's very expensive to ship. But when I saw a deal online for a reasonable price with free shipping for a first-time customer, I thought I'd give it a try. I ordered two cases of canned food; one case each of the two flavors she always eats.

When I served the food to her, she sniffed it and walked away. Over the course of two weeks we tried 5 different cans and she wouldn't eat any of them. I contacted the company who makes the food to ask if they have multiple manufacturing facilities, and they said yes, they do, and the food coming from the online retailer could be coming from a different location than what I purchase locally.

I know that when I travel I can taste differences in some beverages that are made regionally. It's usually because they're using a different water source and I can taste it. Raven must be very sensitive to whatever is different in the food becuase she can smell it and refuses to eat it.

So, my online cat food purchasing experiment didn't go as planned. But it wasn't a complete waste because I donated all the remaining food to a lady who does cat rescue and adoptions at one of local pet supply stores. Hopefully those kitties aren't as finicky as Raven and they'll get to enjoy a canned food treat that they normally wouldn't have.

P.S. An update from dad. He said Raven doesn't eat "foreign" food, only food from California. This food was shipped from Nevada, so it's "foreign".

08 February 2012

My new hamster brother

Tux the Hamster I'd like to introduce my new hamster brother. He's mostly black like me, but he has little white markings kind-of like he's wearing a tuxedo. We might name him Tux, but it's not officially his name yet. Sometimes we try out a few names before settling on our official name. When he first got here I thougth he smelled strange, but I've gotten used to that. The first couple days I stayed right next to his cage to keep my eye on his beady little eyes. But I've decided he'll be a good brother so now I sit on my perch across the room and keep half an eye on him while I snooze. Mom was determined to have another furry in the house and since I don't like cats, she decided a hamster was the best choice. If I can't be the only furry in the house, I guess having a hamster brother is an acceptable compromise.

03 February 2012

Saturday PhotoHunt - "Flat"

To fully appreciate the photo for this week's theme of "flat", I introduce my cat Ed, also knows as Eddie Bear. Ed was not a dainty kitty. He was 14 pounds of lovable, huggable, furry cat.

Ed the cat sitting
And now for the theme of "flat" we have Ed doing what we affectionately called "The Ed". We also described him as looking like a Bear-skin rug. For a 14-pound boy, he could get himself amazingly flat! All his bulk seemed to flatten out to the sides and his body wasn't much thicker than his head.

Doing "The Ed"
Ed would flatten himself anywhere he found comfortable, but his favorite spot was over the arm of a couch. Ed and his relaxed position inspired a poem:

The Lament of Ed the Cat
by Gerry W.

Oh, I have laid my furry hide
On many couches, oh so wide.
Flattened my ribs, stretched my chin,
For this rat race, I say, I win.

But yes, there is a special place
I wish to lay my hairy waist.
Out in the yard, under my sun,
I yearn for a log to rest my buns.

The sunny balm, the cooling breeze,
The woody bark between my knees.
The flying meals, the rustling reeds,
A fallen log is what I need.

If my human only knew
There's only one thing left to do:
Chop that tree, I need a new bed,
Yes, I am the Master of Doing the Ed.

The poem was written by a friend who also provided Ed with several large logs to do "The Ed" on.

The Ed on a log

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