15 January 2012

I inspired mom to buy a watercolor painting

cat watercolor painting
When my mom was away last week, she went to an art show and was drawn to this painting. She likes that the cats aren't too detailed, but they aren't too abstract either. She also likes the colors and thought the cats reminded her of me and Sammi. I'm the larger black kitty and Sammi is the more dainty, colorful kitty with stripes. She thought it would be a perfect addition to our house because it's unique just like us.  She also got to meet the man who created the painting and that's always more interesting than buying a picture from a store. I'm glad I was able to inspire mom while she was away on her trip.

1 comment:

  1. That's a rilly nice paynting your mom did chewse, her must luvs you lots *purrs*