07 January 2012

A care package for mom

care package for momMom had to go away on a trip for 12 days, so dad helped me put together a care package for her so she wouldn't be sad or lonely or bored while she was gone. Dad helped me make a card. It has a roadster car because she drove a long way, and a black cat waving so she always thinks of me. I made sure she had some chocolate candies because I know that's her favorite treat. I used my allowance to get her Godiva chocolate, because I wanted to indulge her like she indulges me. Then I put in some of my favorite toys - a spongy ball and one of the new springy things I got for Christmas. With these toys she'll have a few things to keep her from getting bored and she can have fun and get a little exercise.  I had Daddy wrap it all up and add a ribbon because ribbons are fun to play with.

Dad will take good care of me while mom is gone. Even though mom's electric blanket won't be on, I'll stay warm at night because I'll snuggle against Dad's legs and he's really warm. He knows exactly when to feed me and how much food I get, and he'll keep my litterbox tidy. But most important, he'll play with me like he always does and he'll give me lots of extra snuggles until mom comes back.


  1. You're such a thoughtful kitty to make that care package for your mom. Very pawsome!

  2. FaRADaY: Oh My Cat! YOU getz an allowance too? Pawesome! Mommy keeps threatening to "take it out of my allowance" when I knock something off the counter or nom on something I shouldn't. Pffft! Humans.

    Maxwell: Well *I* think it's pawesome that you thought of your Momma. That's something I'd do - like shed inside her suitcase, so all her clothes remind her of me. (I thought that one up all by myself).