31 January 2012


Bentley Golden Retriever I just came home from the pet store with food for Raven. That will be another blog entry, but the reason for tonight's post is - the best I can explain it - love.

There was another customer in the store with an older Golden Retriever. I asked the owner if I could pet her dog, and she said "of course". The dog was laying on the floor, very relaxed and, in typical Golden Retriever fashion, enjoying being petted. Her muzzle was completely white, even whiter then our Bentley's ever was. The top of her head was getting light flecks of hair, as was her body. So many things about her brought back very detailed memories of Bentley. This girl had a smooth head with firm flesh, while Bentley had a boney head and I could feel a little bump on the top of his skull. This girl had those wonderfully soft Golden Retriever ears, just like Bentley's, but with a little more fringy fur. This girl had super furry toes, like she was ready for a romp in the snow. Bentley had smooth feet, but I would trim the fur between his pads. This girl had light brown eyes, whereas Bentley had beautiful dark brown eyes that showed the compassion in his soul.

We completed our purchase and I thanked the owner for letting me pet her dog. Her dog was 13 years old so I told her that our Bentley lived to 17 and I hoped the two of them shared many more years together.

After leaving I smelled my hand. Of course it smelled like Golden Retriever. They have a unique smell - not a dirty dog smell, just the smell of their fur and oils. I could tell that it didn't smell like Bentley, but even so, I found myself welling up with tears from all the wonderful memories of the years we shared with our fantastic boy. He's been gone for a little over 2 years, but tonight reminded me of how much he is a part of me, and always will be, and how much I will always love him.

Intruder #2

Cat intruder 2

It was just two days ago that we caught intruder #1 starting at me while I was in my bathroom window. Today, when mom came home from work, this cat was walking along our fence. We've never seen this kitty before. He's solid black like me, but with light yellow eyes and wearing a dangly tag on his collar.

Cat intruder 2

He wandered along our fence, turned around in the corner, then came bck to jump over to the neighbor's patio cover. He skedaddled away when mom went out to get a closer look at him, so that's good.  The last thing I want is another cat using my yard as it's playground.

29 January 2012

Intruder #1

Cat Neighbor #1This is becomming intolerable. While I am confined to the safety of my home, many of the neighbor cats freely use my yard as their playground. Mom thinks this cat lives two houses away on the corner of our street. I often see him walking along my fence, going through my front yard, and visiting the crawl space to the neighbor's house. Right now, he's sitting about 8 feet away from my bathroom window and I think he just came out from under the neighbor's house.  He didn't used to be able to see me from over there because we had a fence. But the fence blew down during a winter storm so now he can sit and stare at me. Hopefully mom & dad will have a new fence built soon and he won't be able to peep into my bathroom window.

28 January 2012

Saturday PhotoHunt - "Fluffy"

Fluffy cat foodWith this theme, everyone expected to see a photo of a fluffy kitty. Not in our house. We've had cats, hamsters, and a Golden Retriever with lots of fur - and I mean LOTS of fur - but to me, they're not fluffy.

In our house, "fluffy" is reserved for cat food! Raven and Sammi both like their food well-fluffed with a fork. This way they can easily lick (and flick) their food. Once it gets licked down and isn't fluffy any more, they stop eating and wait for us to re-fluff their food.

"Crazy cat people" might be an appropriate thought right now, but we don't think it's "crazy", we prefer to think of it as Indulgent!

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24 January 2012

Remembering Sammi

Lenox cat figurine "Serena"
Today would have been Sammi's birthday. She would have been with us a little over three years and we think she'd be 13 years old. We wish we could have had many more years with her, but we are grateful for the time we had together. Sammi made us laugh, brought us joy, and taught us how to help a three-legged kitty thrive. She had her silly & playfull moments with lots of running, leaping, getting her back scratched, and begging for our food. She also had her snuggly moments cuddled beside me in bed or in her dad's arms. When I saw this figurine I immediately thought of her - a graceful,  elegant kitty with a look of contentedness. We will remember her always.

21 January 2012

Saturday photo hunt - "Bliss"

Blissful birdwatchingBlissful birdwatching is laying on my side on a nice warm bed while the hummingbirds come to the feeder just a few feet from my window. You can't tell, but I'm chattering at them as they flit around.

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20 January 2012

First person cat - book review

First Person Cat bookFirst person cat by Jacque Heebner is about a tortie Persian named Tiffany who helps detectives solve the mystery of her mom's murder. The story takes place in Beverly Hills, where Tiffany lives the indulged life that every cat hopes for. We know from the beginning who killed Tiffany's mom, and we even know how it happened. But the detectives on the case need help catching the killer and Tiffany provides important clues. We get to see the world from Tiffany's perspective as she displays her intelligence, devotion, and enchanting personality. First person cat gets 3 paws up (not 4) becuase there isn't much mystery or suspense, but it's a fun book to read with a charming kitty who has a fantastic personality.

16 January 2012

I am not a heater hog.

Raven on heater vent

Mom thought I would enjoy being indulged by having my very own chair looking out onto the patio. I use the chair occasionally, but during winter I prefer to lay directly on the heater vent and get toasty warm air blown on me. The metal grate stays warm even when the heater is off, so I'm cozy until the heat comes on again. Since I'm big enough to cover the entire vent mom accuses me of hogging all the warm air. I don't think of it as hogging, I just get the air first and there's none left over for her.

15 January 2012

I inspired mom to buy a watercolor painting

cat watercolor painting
When my mom was away last week, she went to an art show and was drawn to this painting. She likes that the cats aren't too detailed, but they aren't too abstract either. She also likes the colors and thought the cats reminded her of me and Sammi. I'm the larger black kitty and Sammi is the more dainty, colorful kitty with stripes. She thought it would be a perfect addition to our house because it's unique just like us.  She also got to meet the man who created the painting and that's always more interesting than buying a picture from a store. I'm glad I was able to inspire mom while she was away on her trip.

07 January 2012

A care package for mom

care package for momMom had to go away on a trip for 12 days, so dad helped me put together a care package for her so she wouldn't be sad or lonely or bored while she was gone. Dad helped me make a card. It has a roadster car because she drove a long way, and a black cat waving so she always thinks of me. I made sure she had some chocolate candies because I know that's her favorite treat. I used my allowance to get her Godiva chocolate, because I wanted to indulge her like she indulges me. Then I put in some of my favorite toys - a spongy ball and one of the new springy things I got for Christmas. With these toys she'll have a few things to keep her from getting bored and she can have fun and get a little exercise.  I had Daddy wrap it all up and add a ribbon because ribbons are fun to play with.

Dad will take good care of me while mom is gone. Even though mom's electric blanket won't be on, I'll stay warm at night because I'll snuggle against Dad's legs and he's really warm. He knows exactly when to feed me and how much food I get, and he'll keep my litterbox tidy. But most important, he'll play with me like he always does and he'll give me lots of extra snuggles until mom comes back.