26 November 2011

Raven cuddles and warms my heart

RavenIt's taken almost 3 years, but Raven finally did it. She fell asleep in my lap! When we adopted her from the SPCA, her information card described her as a cuddly lap cat, and that's exactly what I was looking for. In the adoption room, she curled up on my lap, purred, and snoozed. So I was expecting her to do that when we got home. But when we brought her home she wasn't super cuddly. I thought it was the stress of a new home, so I never"forced" her to snuggle with me. I figured she'd become cuddly on her own schedule. Over the years, she's enjoyed lots of cuddles, but after a few minutes she always wanted to get down. The only time she'd snuggle with us is when we'd go to bed and she'd cozy in against our legs.

Last night, I snuggled her in a blanket and cradled her in my arms like a baby and she fell asleep for over an hour. Maybe she's needing a little extra comfort since Sammi's been gone. Or maybe she decided it was cozy in the blanket. Whatever the reason, it was heartwarming that she finally decided to cuddle up and sleep in my arms. And I hope she's starting a new cuddly routine.

23 November 2011

Spaghetti Sauce

22 November 2011

An Unexpected Goodbye to Sammi


On November 18, 2011 we had to say goodbye to Sammi. For a few weeks we knew something "wasn't right". She wasn't eating much, was losing weight, and wasn't acting like her spunky self. We took her to the vet for a check-up, expecting to learn that she had a senior kitty disease that we would have to manage. But the vet said he was very concerned because she had developed a serious heart murmur and had became sick so quickly. We've been trying to figure out why she's been having itchy skin and it was just a little over a month ago that she had an ultrasound that didn't detect any issues. Now, a comprehensive set of blood tests showed she had blood cell cancer. There were no good treatments options that would make her better for the long-term, so we made the incredibly difficult decision to put her to sleep.

Sammi was about 13 years old and we had plans for a few more more years of fun with our spunky three-legged girl. In the three years she was with us she brought countless laughs and added energy and love to our home. She will be deeply missed and never forgotten.

As we try to adjust to not having Sammi with us, our focus is on giving Raven the attention she needs as she adjusts to the loss of her kitty sister.