06 October 2011

Sammi joins the shaved tummy club

Sammi's shaved tummyToday I became a member of the shaved tummy club. The last time we had a kitty join this club was in 2008 when Felix became a member. I've had issues with food upsetting my system for a very long time, and the last couple weeks I've been having trouble in the potty department. So mom called my vet and asked if it was time for me to have an ultrasound so the vet could look at my insides. He said yes, that would be a good idea, so off the vet I went.

They shaved my tummy and put goopy gel on my skin so the vet could use a strange wand-thing that he rubbed all around on my tummy to get a good look at my insides. It was a strange feeling but it didn't hurt at all.

Luckily, everything looked good! The vet thinks my itchy skin and potty problems are due to having a sensitive system and being allergic to something. The big mystery is what exactly I'm allergic to. It will take time to figure that out, but everyone is glad that my insides look healthy.

It feels strange having a shaved tummy, but mom turned on the heater so I can sit on the floor vent and keep my bare tummy warm. And after this picture, she gave me a big kiss on my naked belly!

1 comment:

  1. Oh your pore bear belleh. I sure your mommy kissin it halps. Iz happy they din't see eny bad stuff in there. I hopes you can grow noo furz ware they did steel your own pritty ones away.