03 October 2011

Please don't steal my dust bunnies

Raven covered in cobwebA few weeks ago I got my official middle name "Charlotte" for my uncanny ability to find dust bunnies in the house and cob webs in the garage. Mom tries to keep the house free of dust bunnies but I can always find something in a corner she can't reach. And I can always find a web in the garage. That's where I was when I came in looking like this (click my photo to make it bigger).

Mom & Dad laugh at me when I have dust bunnies sticking to my whiskers, but they wish I wouldn't eat them. They said I have enough problems with hairballs that I don't need to add dust bunnies to my tummy. So Mom bought something called a Webster. It's a long contraption with a big brush on the end that she's going to use to get into all the corners throughout the house. How am I supposed to find dust bunnies now? I guess I'll have to settle for cob webs in the garage.

Mom let me play with the webster and its box. Maybe she won't get around to using it and I'll get to keep it as a new toy.

Raven playing with webster

Raven playing with webster box

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