03 September 2011

Sammi sharing with Raven

Sammi and Raven together

I don't know what's gotten into my sister Sammi, but I like it. She usually guards her crinkle paper and doesn't let me stay on it, but today she was nice to me. I was resting on her crinkle paper and she got down from the couch and didn't chase me off. Even if she doesn't physically chase me off, she'll usually face me and give me alpha-kitty looks until I'm intimidated and leave. But tonight she plopped down just a few inches away from me with her back towards me. She was nice and let me share her crinkle paper until I felt like leaving. Maybe it's the tummy full of duck meat that's making her happy and lazy.


  1. Hmm, luv is in the air all over!!!

  2. Look at all that lovely crinkly paper. *drool*