10 September 2011

Raven gets her middle name

Raven covered in cobwebRaven Charlotte

All the kitties in the Indulged Furries family have middle name that reflect some part of their purrsonality. Mom & Dad have had a hard time coming up with my middle name but they've finally found it!  Charlotte, for Charlotte's Web.  I have the unique talent of finding dust bunnies and spider webs. Mom and I have a contest to see who can find the dust bunnies first. She gets most of them with her weekly cleaning, but I can always find some in the corners beneath the cabinets and I love to eat them! And just about every time I come in from exploring the garage I have spider web on me. This morning I came in and was covered in sticky spider web. Dad cleaned it off my whiskers, then presented me to mom with spider web still clinging onto the side of my head and neck.

Raven Charlotte. I think that's a purrfect name for me.


  1. He he. I knew where Charlotte came from as soon as I saw the picture of you covered in web. I guess we've all read that book. Well the name suits you perfectly. I'm so happy you found such a great middle name. Concatulations!

  2. My dear, I am caught in a web of your beauty!!

  3. MOL! We think we gonna tell Mommy dat we needs a middle name, too! (Allie's already got hers picked out..."bling". *snort*)

  4. [...] few weeks ago I got my official middle name “Charlotte” for my uncanny ability to find dust bunnies in the house and cob webs in the garage. Mom tries to [...]