17 September 2011

Mom's busy day with dogs

Sheriff K9 AskoMom went to the Grand Opening of a local pet supply store. She had a 20% off coupon for her entire purchase, but the real reason she went is she saw that  Sacramento County Sheriff K9 Asko was going to be there. We like to support our Sheriff's K9s because they help keep their partners and our community safe. By going to the events that they appear at, we can let them know that we value the service they provide to our community. And we get to pet police dogs!

Sheriff K9 Asko

K9 Asko showed his focus and good training to the public. He was very focused on his squeaky toy and behaved nicely while everyone petted him and took photos. Asko is trained in pursuit and weapon detection.

Asko was supposed to be the Sheriff K9 star of the day, but then K9 Clint showed up wearing a badge on his collar.


Sheriff K9 Clint

Clint was blinded in his right eye (an accident with a stick) but his partner said he is very good at pursuit. Clint only needs one good eye to see and chase the  bad guys! He is also trained in weapons detection. Clint was very friendly and enjoyed getting full-body hugs and burying his head against my legs so he could get a double-sided neck scratch. Clint was very fond of his chew toy and wanted me to play tug with him. Sorry Clint, but I don't think so! He was very vocal and made lots of little growls as he played with his chew toy.

Miniature poodle service dog named BrieThen we met Brie. She was curled up on a table and at first I thought she was a stuffed toy. But Brie is also a working dog. She doesn't pursue bad guys or sniff out weapons like Asko or Clint, but she has a job that's just as important. She's a hearing assistance dog. Brie is a miniature poodle and travels everywhere with her owner. Today they were out educating the public and helping raise funds to improve a local dog park.

Finally, I'm always happy to see Golden Retrievers. These guys were from a local rescue. The big guy laying down sounded interesting. He's just 4 years old and is good with cats.  I'm always tempted to bring another Golden RetrieversGolden into our family, but we weren't prepared to adopt anyone today. The dog facing the photo is 8 years old and very sweet, but not a good match for a family with cats.

Raven and Sammi weren't forgotten on our trip to see the dogs. We brought home several cans of cat food and a few new toys. They got their goodies after I went and washed all the dog smell off me!


  1. Such nice puppys, and smart to be able to do so much for others!

  2. I've always wondered why they don't train cats to do this stuff. We're just as smart as doggies!

  3. Donna2:49 PM

    I never thought of that. We could detect catnip and probably other stuff. I'm not sure I'd want to chase down a bad guy, but if that bad guy was mean to animals, I'd want a whack at him!