16 September 2011

Crinkle Paper Insurance Pays Off

Sammi's crinkle paper almost gone

Sammi: I'm very sad.
Mom: Why are you sad?

Sammi: My crinkle paper pile is very small.
Mom: How did that happen?

Sammi: I'm not sure. I think the barf monster stole it.
Mom: When did that happen?

Sammi: Sometime earlier today.
Mom: We'll have to investigate.

Sammi: But that will take time and my crinkle paper is almost gone. I'm sure I had immediate replacement protection in my insurance policy.
Mom: I'll need time to review your claim.

Sammi: And there were some Friskies kibbles on it too.
Mom: No there weren't. Besides, your insurance policy only covered crinkle paper.

Sammi: Are you sure?
Mom: Yes. Kibble replacement was extra. You had basic coverage.

Sammi: Ok. Can I have more crinkle paper, please.
Mom: Your claim number is CPR3. It will be processed soon.

Sammi: How soon? I miss my crinkle paper.
Mom: Very soon.

Sammi: Are you done reviewing my claim yet?
Mom: Yes, your claim has been approved. New crinkle paper has been provided.

Sammi: Thanks for processing my claim so quickly. Are you sure I didn't have kibble replacement?
Mom: Yes, I'm sure. And you're welcome.

Sammi with more crinkle paper

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