01 September 2011

Cooking duck for Sammi

Every few weeks I cook duck meat for Sammi.  It takes about 1-1/2 hours start to finish, but it seems to be helping her allergies to be on a duck & pea diet and she needs the extra meat in addition to the dry food to keep her digestive system happy.

First, I roast the meat, let it cool and drain. Duck meat is very fatty! I cook two breasts and two legs for each batch of food.

Duck breasts and legs

Next, I remove the skin and as much fat as I can.

skinnless duck meat

Then I cut the breast meat into chunks and pull the meat off the leg bones. It's surprisingly difficult to get the meat off the bone!

chopped duck meat

It all goes into a food processor...

meat in the food processor

and I add some of the roasting juice. You can see how fatty the juice is. I add only the bottom, dark liquid, not the fatty liquid.

adding roasting juice

It goes for a whirl in the food processor until it's finely chopped and starts forming clumps.ground meat

Then I package the meat in plastic wrap. Sammi eats 2-3 ounces of duck meat each day. I put enough meat for about 2 days in each packet. This batch made 8 packets of food.

3-day servings

I store the packets in the freezer and thaw each packet as needed in the refrigerator. Each batch makes enough duck meat for about 2 weeks and costs about $25.

freezer storage

And the most important step - Sammi gets to eat her duck meat.

Sammi eating duck meat

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