05 August 2011

Sammi's diet - goodbye chicken, hello duck.

Sammi itchy pawIn our attempt to figure out what Sammi is allergic to and stop her shedding & itchy red bumps, we tried changing her diet from CORE fish & fowl dry food to Before Grain chicken dry food. After two weeks we were still at a 50/50 mix of food and her condition was getting worse. At midnight last night she was so itchy she couldn't sleep and was sitting on the bed biting at her legs. It was time to re-start her on the medication the vet prescribed to help calm her system.

I've been giving Sammi's situation a lot of thought, and my new theory is that she's reacting to the chicken. We know she doesn't tolerate grains, and I'm starting to believe she can't tolerate chicken either. The CORE food has turkey, chicken & fish. So adding the Before Grain 100% chicken is increasing her exposure to chicken. If I let Sammi eat too much (a tablespoon) of her sister's Wellness canned chicken food she gets soft stool. The B.G. canned chicken food gave her soft stool when she ate ½ a small can throughout the day. I thought it was the canned food going through her system too quickly. Now I'm thinking it's the chicken.

Pea and Duck cat foodAfter speaking wth the vet, he agreed we should try a limited ingredient diet like Natural Balance green pea and duck food. He's had good luck with it for cats who can't tolerate chicken. The main ingredients in this food are Peas, Duck Meal, Duck, Canola Oil and Flaxseed.

Out with the chicken, in with the duck! Paws crossed this will solve the problem and Sammi's itchiness and shedding will stop. I'm hoping my beautiful girl will get her lustrous, fluffy soft fur back soon and all her itchy, red bumps will be gone.

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