12 August 2011

Remembering Bentley

Bentley Golden RetrieverA beautiful full moon is rising in a dusky sky. It's a perfect way to remember our Golden Retriever Bentley who left us 2 years ago today. I miss him, but he lived to 17 years 4 days and had a wonderful life with us. I adopted him just before he was 9 years old and we shared 8 eventful years together.  Here's his story of living with us. I never could figure out how to put into words what he meant to me as a memorial for him, so his story is still on our website without an "ending".

Heart Paw PendantFor all our pets I have jewelery that reminds me of some aspect of their lives. For Bentley, I found a beautiful heart-shaped pendant with a paw imprint. I wear it to honor Bentley and remind myself of the important things he taught me. Patience, gentleness, kindness, devotion, forgiveness and love.


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