15 August 2011

Our new Whisker City litter mat - fun and functional

After our little bug infestation from the corn-based litter, mom decided to try a new type of litter mat. The mat we had was a big rectangle made of rubber with a loopy litter-catching surface.  (It's this one). loopy rubber litter matWe liked it because it was very soft and didn't have any prickly parts. Mom liked it because it traps almost all the litter from our paws. She also liked that she could use the vacuum cleaner to clean the litter out of it. The only bad thing was that it was hard to get completely clean, especially using clay litter. She'd take it out to the driveway and give it a thorough squirting with the hose, but the clay litter gets sticky and doesn't come out of the loopy surface. When we used the corn-based litter, it would dissolve when it got hosed off, so the mat would get really clean.

cat-shaped litter mat

Now we have a Whisker City Litter Mat. It's made of foam and has little ridges to bump the litter off our paws. It's soft and gets the litter off, but it's much smaller than our other mat. Mom thinks it will be easy to clean because the litter can't get stuck in it. She got this little one as a test and if it works as well as she thinks it will, she'll get two of the the big rectangular version to put around our boxes.

We do think it's a little strange to step onto a kitty head shaped litter mat. It's novel, but we may have to ask mom to turn the mat around and tuck the ears under the litter box so we don't feel like we're stepping on a kitty head!

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