29 August 2011

Our kitty neighbors

Tyler and Tippy catsThese are our neighbor's cats Tyler and Tippy. We've talked about them before. Tyler is a gigantic 25 pound boy with huge, extra-toed paws. Tippy is soft as silk and has crystal blue eyes. Tippy visited our house one night after escaping from her home and we kept her safe.

Mom has been taking care of them this week. I don't mind too much because she usually goes over when I'm snoozing. Mom is very careful to change her clothes and wipe her arms and legs after she comes home, but I can still smell that she's been with other cats.

I understand why mom likes visiting Tyler and Tippy. They're both friendly and  beautiful. Look how pretty Tippy's eyes are. I guess it's okay that mom visits so they can be indulged while their mom is away.  She cleans their box, grooms them, gives them their canned food dinner and a little bit of love. But mom always comes home to me.

Tippy's crystal blue eyes

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