18 August 2011

I'm on Sammi's crinkle paper!

Raven on crinkle paper

It may seem like a small accomplishment, but I'm on Sammi's crinkle paper! Sammi loves her crinkle paper and thinks of it as her "safe" spot in the living room. She's on her paper all the time and guards it very closely. I usually walk around her paper because if she hears me set foot on her crinkle paper she comes running to chase me off. But this time she was resting on her perch and I quietly crept onto her crinkle paper and camped out for awhile. I got to stay on her paper for about 20 minutes. Mom petted me and I purred. Then Sammi realized I was on her paper so she came to claim her territory. But she didn't chase me off right away. She sat behind me and let me stay there for a little longer. I'm sure she was only nice to me because mom & dad were there to protect me. After a few more minutes I got off her paper so she could have it back.

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