13 August 2011

Sammi's allergies and diet

Sammi cat
Sammi has been eating a chicken-free diet for 7 days and I called the vet to give him an update on her progress. I was enthusiastic that her itching has subsided quite a bit and she is tolerating the new food. I thought we had finally found the cause of her itchy, red bumps and we were on our way to solving the problem.

The vet said that the prednisone Sammi has been on is probably what's giving her the most relief, and it usually takes several weeks for itching to subside when a diet change is made. He said he was sorry to burst my bubble.
The good news is that we may be off to a promising start. He instructed me to decrease her medication to every other day for a week. If she's still doing well I should decrease her medication to every 3rd day for two weeks.

So even though my bubble was burst, we're better off than we were a week ago when Sammi was awake at midnight sitting on our bed biting at her itchy legs. We'll figure it out and get her healthy, it just may take a little longer.

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