16 August 2011

Duck in Sammi's diet

Ground duck meat

duck meatballsSammi eating duckDuck, duck, yum!

I'm on a limited ingredient diet to try to get rid of my allergies. My new food is Natural Balance Duck & Pea. It's tasty, but there's too much carbohydrate in it for my system and I need more meat! After all, I am a carnivore and I need to eat more duck than peas.

Mom bought two duck breasts and two duck legs and cooked them for me. She cut all the meat into little pieces, which was ok, but I decided I prefer tiny bits or even pate like my canned food. So she put all the meat through the food processor until it was itty bitty pieces. She added a little water until everything came together into a clump.

I eat only a couple ounces per day so mom made lots of duck meatballs and packaged them in plastic wrap for freezing. She can defrost one whenever I need more and I'll have fresh duck meat for a long time.

My dry food is available all day. I also get about 1 ounce of duck for breakfast, another ounce for dinner, and a little more for a night-time snack. It's really nommy. I hope this is the solution to my allergy problems and I get to eat duck for a long, long, time.

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