14 July 2011

Sammi's shedding update

SammiIt's been 3 weeks since I lost a big patch of fur on my shoulder. The vet suspects I'm allergic to something and gave me some medicine to calm my system. I actually like the medicine because I get it in a Pill Pocket every morning as a tasty treat. The good news is the fur on that patch of skin is growing back so they can't call me "Patches" anymore. The bad news is I'm still shedding a lot and getting a few itchy little red bumps on my legs. Mom has no idea what could be causing my itchiness but she covered my newest carpet perches with towels just in case there's something in the carpeting that my skin doesn't like. I'm not getting many human food treats, despite using my best begging skills. And just when I was starting to enjoy going out in the back yard, I'm not allowed out any more because maybe I'm allergic to the grass or something else in the yard.

Mom's talked to the vet today and he said it's okay for me to stay on the medicine a little longer. They'll talk again next week when Raven has to go in for a vaccination. Hopefully I don't have to make the trip with them.

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