24 July 2011

Sammi's shedding & itching - Trying a new food

Before Grain canned cat food

Several weeks ago Sammi lost a big patch of fur on her shoulder. Her vet suspects she's allergic to something and put her on medication to calm her system. Very little has changed in her world and we haven't figured out what she could be having an allergic reaction to. The fur on her shoulder is growing back and the shedding has slowed, but she's still getting little red, itchy bumps on her legs.

While chatting with a friend about Sammi's problem, my friend mentioned that one of her cats had an allergic reaction to the Wellness CORE dry food that I'm feeding Sammi. Her cat started losing clumps of fur! A quick online search showed a few other owners have had the same problem with that food.

My friend switched her cat to Before Grain cat food and the hair loss problem stopped. Since Sammi needs a grain free diet, Before Grain is one we can try. I started with just a teaspoon of canned food the first day and slowly let her have more each day. Over the last 4 days she's eaten one small can (3.2 ounces) of the Before Grain chicken canned food and has not had any bad reaction to it. Sammi likes the food and has eaten all I've offered her. It might be a coincidence, but this morning Sammi seems more frisky than usual. Maybe eating more of the Before Grain food and less of the CORE dry food is making her feel a little better.

I've started introducing her to the Before Grain dry food and I hope she tolerates it. If I can get her switched over to the new food, maybe her shedding will decrease and the itchy bumps will go away.  Paws crossed!

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