28 July 2011

Saint Francis of Assisi statue for mom

Saint Francis of Assisi Statue

Dad surprised mom with a special gift for her birthday. For several years she's been looking for a Saint Francis of Assisi statue but hasn't found one she likes. Dad usually gets mom a fun book or music for her birthday but he saw this statue and thought it would be purrfect for our yard. He hid it somewhere (we don't know where) and when mom woke up on her birthday and opened the bedroom curtain she saw the  statue in the back yard. She was completely surprised and thought it was the most perfect gift dad could have given her. We have lots of statues in our yard, but this one is special because Saint Francis loved all animals and the environment and we do too. Mom can see it every morning through the bedroom window and it gives her a peaceful feeling.

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  1. Beautiful statue! My hubby gave me a similar one as a birthday present too for our pet cemetery. (I'd always wanted one.) Your are right: they are peaceful and comforting.