10 July 2011

Reflections on our weekend

With the exception of the vacuum cleaner and lawn mower, it's been a quiet weekend here in the Indulged Furries home. Our cat garden was a lovely thought, but we didn't want to eat the grass and only two teensy catnip plants sprouted. Mom pulled out the withered cat grass but she might keep watering the catnip sprouts just to see if they'll continue to grow. She planted corn a couple weeks ago and it amuses her to watch it grow.  It's about 1 foot tall and looks really silly in our yard!

hummingbirdsThe hummingbirds have been delightful. Strangely, they spend more time chasing each other away from the feeder than they do eating. This is a rare photo of two birds sharing the feeder. There's enough so they could all share, but hummingbirds are territorial and the top bird defends his feeder against all the other birds except for his female mate.

We've escaped being bathed for another week. Mom & Dad were busy with yard work and by the time they were done, it was too late in the day to bathe us. Mom likes to bathe us late in the morning on a hot summer day so we can console ourselves in sunpuddles as we dry.

Part of their yardwork included cleaning all our windows, inside and out, and the screens. Now we have crystal clear windows through which we can watch our world.  And clean screens always look better and don't leave dust on our fur when we brush against them.

sammi raven sleepingSammi and I spent Sunday afternoon sleeping next to each other in one of our favorite windows. It was very relaxing and we were nice to each other. We slept here for hours before moving to new windows - Sammi to the living room and me to my bedroom.

All in all, it was a relaxing weekend. We hope you enjoyed your weekend as much as we enjoyed ours.

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