17 July 2011

Our Summer Bath

Raven eating after her bathToday was the day. Bath Day. We don't like getting a bath, but mom makes it as easy as possible on us so we don't get too upset. She gets everything ready before we have any clue that it's bath day. She gets the shower water warm and fills a pitcher with warm water and a generous squirt of kitty shampoo. She also has several big bath towels ready for us.

We know what's going to happen when she takes us into the shower and closes the sliding doors behind us. We know the humans go in here to get wet and we know the same thing is going to happen to us. She takes the hand-held shower and puts it really close to our skin so there's no noise or splashing. Sammi's snowy white tummyAfter we're really wet she pours the soapy water on us and starts rubbing. After a couple minutes it's rinse time with the shower again. We may have given a few concerned meows, but before we know it, mom is trying to get the water off us us with a gentle squeeze of our body, legs, and tail. Then we're wrapped up in a big fluffy towel. After the first towel is wet, we get wrapped up in a second towel and all the drippy water is rubbed off. Then we're set free to run & shake & lick until she comes to comb us. That helps us dry faster and keeps our fur from tangling up.

The bath really isn't that bad, it's the 5 hours of air drying that annoys us. Mom helps the drying process by combing and brushing us to remove loose fur and keep our fur fluffed up.  Today we got an early dinner as our reward for being such good kitties in the shower. We were so good that we didn't give her even one tiny scratch.

Baths aren't the most fun thing, but we do look extra pretty afterwards. I have glossy black hair with no dander or dust, and Sammi has a snowy white tummy.

Mom decided it might be better for us to get a bath in winter. That may sound strange, but we stay indoors, so it doesn't matter how warm it is outside. In winter, the house heater is blowing and we can get a blow dry while sitting over the heater vents. We like to do that anyway and it would help us dry faster.  Come January or February, we may be getting another bath.


p.s. Mom didn't take picture of us while we were soaking wet because she thought it would be very nice to make us stay wet while she took photos. But we look extra skinny when wet!

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