29 July 2011

Kitty report card from the pet sitter

paw iconMom & Dad went away for a few days and hired a professional pet sitter to take care of us. Our pet sitter, Paula, is very friendly. She comes over twice a day to take care of all our necessities like food, water and litter. She also gives us our canned food and gives Sammi her medicine. Then she gives us lots of attention with brushing, petting, and play time. Every day she leaves mom & dad notes about what happened that day. Here are some of her comments about what good kitties we were.

  • Raven met me at the door to say hello.

  • I scooped the litter boxes with plenty of supervision.

  • Sammi took her medicine with no problem.

  • Raven enjoyed head and neck scratches.

  • Sammi enjoyed rump pets, played with toys and got lots of love.

  • Sammi meowed hello from the living room.

  • Found Raven in the bedroom closet.

I wasn't upset that Paula found me in the closet. Mom showed Paula my favorite hiding spots so she would be able to find me if I decided to sleep in a hidden location.

Mom & dad were very happy that we were good kitties and enjoyed Paula's visits. Mom never likes being away from us, but at least she knows that we like our pet sitter and we are purrfectly fine for a few days without her.

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