23 July 2011

I'm a purrfect patient and won't get rabies.

Raven with carrier

Mom said I was a purrfect patient yesterday when I had to go to the vet to get my rabies vaccination. I thought it was rude of her to wake me from my afternoon nap and try to put me in the carrier, so I made it a little bit of a challenge for her by refusing to walk in through the door and instead made her load me in through the top. But then I was perfectly quiet for our 30 minute drive to the vet.  Mom had to encourage me to come out and not sneak back into the carrier, but I was a very good girl and didn't make a peep as the vet gave me my shot. After my shot I hurried back into my carrier - through the front door - and sat quietly while mom & the vet chatted a bit about Sammi. Mom paid the bill then buckled me in the car for our 30 minute drive home.  Again, I didn't make a sound and just rested in my carrier. Once we got home mom set the carrier on the kitchen floor, unzipped the front door, and I walked out and said "meeow". That was it, a single meow. Then I was off to the bedroom to continue my nap.

I got the Merial PureVax rabies vaccine. It is supposed to be one of the safest rabies vaccines available because it does not have "stuff" (adjuvants) added to it. The adjuvants are what some researchers believe contribute to the development of vaccine-associated sarcoma, which is a very serious skin cancer that cats sometimes get. Our vet usually doesn't use this vaccine but he thinks it is a good vaccine and was happy to get it for us. I have to go back every year for a booster. But some vets are suggesting that it's safer to get this vaccine every year than it is to get the adjuvanted vaccines once every 3 years.  By choosing this vaccine, mom believes she's done the best she can to prevent me from getting a vaccine-associated sarcoma.

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