25 June 2011

They call me "Patches"

sammi hair lossLook what happened to me! I have a big bald patch on my shoulder! A few days ago mom was giving me a good brushing. I usually shed a fair amount, but this time a lot of fur was coming out. Mom was a little bit concerned but didn't worry too much about it until I rolled over on my side and she saw this big bald spot on my shoulder. It's 2 to 3 inches around where my dark and white fur come together. It shocked mom because 1) she didn't see it happen as she was brushing, and 2) that's not normal!

So, off to the vet we went. The good news is that I don't have mites or a skin infection and I don't have signs of other diseases. The vet thinks I'm having an allergic reaction to something and mom & dad have to try to figure out what that is.

They can't think of anything new in the house except for one of my newer carpeted perches that I love to roll around in. The vet suggested covering the perch with sheets so I don't come in contact with the carpet. Mom & dad covered it with bath towels for now and mom will try to make some fitted slip-covers for the cradle-shaped platforms.

I also have to take medicine for a little while to try to calm my system down. I don't mind the medicine because it's a tiny pill that mom puts inside a yummy Pill Pocket and it's like getting a treat.

One bad thing is that I don't get to go outside. I was starting to enjoy going in the back yard, but maybe I'm allergic to grass or something else in the yard. That's one of the few "new" things I've been exposed to recently and maybe it's causing my hair loss.

Another bad thing is that the vet said it's ok to give me a bath. I'm due for my once-a-year bath and this little bald patch isn't going to get me out of it.  Mom is really good at giving baths and I don't mind it too much. It's the getting dry part that takes forever and is annoying.

One of the interesting things the vet said that mom didn't think of was that they had to look not just for new items in the house, but new behaviors of mine that may be exposing me to something that's been in the house for a while but I haven't been using before. Mom can't think of anything (we're very routine around here) but she's going to keep her eyes open.

Hopefully it's just a temporary reaction to something like the grass or a seasonal pollen that has been high lately. Then I'll be able to grow my silky hair back and not need a fur shoulder wrap to stay warm in winter.


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