18 June 2011

Sammi enjoying walking in the back yard

Sammi is enjoying the back yard this summer. Last year she was very hesitant to be in the yard, but this year she's enjoying the sights and smells of nature. Here's a short video showing that she gets around just fine with only three legs.

We use a small cat harness on her and the only issue we have with it is that the top slides around towards the side where she's missing her leg so the top of the harness ends up under her belly. But it still keeps her safely within reach on an 8-foot long leash.

Here are a few more photos from this morning's outside adventure.

Sammi in yard

sammi in yard

Sammi lounging in the lawn

We just realized that last photo could look odd if you don't know what's happening. Dad isn't taking my temperature, he's pulling weeds with one hand and rubbing my rump with the other. I love rump rubs and when he rubs my rump I like to flop over and dig my back paws in so he can scratch harder!

And this is what happens after a long excursion in the back yard - Nap time!

Sammi napping

Raven didn't want to be outside today. One of the neighbors was making a bit of noise hammering on something and she was too afraid to stay out with us. She's the one who usually enjoys being outside, but she's also very sensitive to noise and scares easily. But I'm sure there will be many more days this summer when Raven can enjoy some time in the back yard.

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