29 June 2011

Please help Henry

Henry catHenry is a kitty in a shelter in Southern California. He probably needs his paw amputated and needs your help to raise the money to provide for his care. If lots of people donate just a little bit, it will all add up and Henry can get great care.

You can read about him here.

When you click that link, the picture on the right isn't a red ball toy, that's an injury on Henry's paw! You all know from my blog that I Thrive on Three Legs, and I'm sure Henry will too. If you can, please help Henry by donating to his care. The rescue group is also looking for someone in Southern California who could foster Henry, so if you know someone who might be interested, please forward the link to them.

Come on anipals, we can help Henry. He can Thrive on Three legs just like I do.

Update: Henry was pulled from the shelter and is waiting for an upper respiratory infection to clear up before he can have his paw amputated. The update is here with a video of Henry.

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