05 June 2011

Kitties' Jungle Gym

Sammi and Raven on cat perches

Sammi and Raven have a kitty jungle gym behind our couch. The tallest spot is Raven's favorite, but Sammi has claimed all the other levels. At first we only had the two short perches on the left behind the couch so Sammi could safely get off the back of the couch without needing to make one big jump down. Then we decided to add the tallest perch on the right - the one Raven is on - so they'd have a high kitty look-out. When we realized Sammi couldn't go up and down that perch safely, we had to add the perch in the middle - the one Sammi is on. It's still a bit of a challenge for Sammi to get to the very top perch, so she doesn't go up there very often. But she loves this configuration because she has lots of options for going up & down and back & forth between all the perches. She especially likes the cradle-shaped level that she's on in the photo. She rolls around in the cradle and is in perfect position to try to intimidate Raven and prevent her from getting to the top perch.

This is Sammi's favorite room. She runs through the dining room (where I'm standing to take the photo), up the perches, over the back of the couch, down to the couch cushions, then down to the living room floor where her pile of tissue paper and toys are. Because she has such a fun climbing structure to play on, she rarely walks around the couch to get to the living room.

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