17 June 2011

The indoor kitties went outside

Sammi in yardAfter planting our cat garden and doing a lot of other yard clean-up, Mom decided it was time for us to try going outside. I've been out a few times in the last two years, and only once have I been comfortable. But mom wanted to try again because she thinks it's important for indoor kitties to have some safe outdoor time to enjoy nature. She thinks it's healthy for us to feel grass under our paws, sniff bushes, and let us safely experience the outdoors instead of always being in the house. First, she sat with me in her lap on the patio. I was very calm and enjoyed being outside, so she decided to put my harness on and see if I'd be brave enough to walk around. I surprised her by being very inquisitive and walking all around the yard. I was out for at least 20 minutes before mom & dad decided it was time for me to go inside.

Raven in yard

Mom took Raven outside too. Raven usually likes being outside much more than I do, but this time she walked around a little bit and kept laying down. It was getting late so mom decided Raven would get a longer trip outside another day.

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